Real-Time Verified Payment Protection and Fraud Detection

In recent years, financial losses due to corporate payment fraud have grown exponentially. Fraudsters increasingly target corporate payment systems directly as the financial gains from these scams remain substantial. The battle against fraud is  demanding, since corporations are attacked on many fronts, simultaneously. The world’s growing dependency on digital connectivity has created new opportunities for malicious insiders, while cybercriminals outside organizations become more sophisticated every day, continuously finding new points of vulnerability,


Transaction Authority™ was specifically designed to prevent financial losses due to fraudulent payments. It Enhances existing payment infrastructures with cutting-edge security and process controls that immediately detect, followed by either blocking or holding transaction exceptions, until approved by the relevant parties.


Our proprietary TxAuthority™ allows organizations to define and enforce specific payment policies through external authorities, in order to prevent payments to an unapproved or an unauthenticated supplier. It safeguards payments-run processes, while enforcing the corporation’s payment policies and increasing their Accounts Payable operational efficiency and SOX compliance.


TxAuthority™ is the most secure and effective payment protection currently available. Every transaction is continually verified, through every step of the payment process, within multiple systems and multiple organizations.

Ultimate Protection. Seamless Integration.

TxAuthority™ addresses a broad range of cyberattacks and fraud to protect corporate payment systems against insider fraud, external fraud, social engineering, and data manipulation attempts.

  • Multiple Points of Transaction Verification
  • Secured, Verified Supplier Repository
  • Enforces Built-In SOX Policies and Custom Corporate Payment Policies
  • Detects and Blocked Suspicious Transactions
  • No Single Point of Failure
  • Delivered as a service on top of nsKnox’s innovative CCS platform
  • Protection applied externally by secured and trusted entities that are blind to the data
  • Frictionless integration with existing financial payment systems
  • Small IT footprint

See how you too can detect and prevent payment fraud in real time