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Bank Account Certificates

the only fraud-proof approach to validating and sharing bank account details

It’s time to accelerate the anti-fraud evolution

Outdated, manual processes for validating and sharing bank account details are at the heart of cyberfraud manipulations. That’s because these processes are very vulnerable, leaving both the paying entity and receiving organization exposed to cybercrime.

Emails are easily manipulated

by fraudsters who hack into email servers and use social engineering to mislead AP staff

PDFs and Word documents can be easily edited

by a variety of readily available text and image editing software

Phone calls are highly vulnerable

to social engineering attacks using deep-fake technologies, among others

Go fraud-proof with Bank Account Certificates


provide customers & partners with the Bank Account Certificate as the only secured means for verifying bank details before making payments

Paying entities

request a Bank Account Certificate from vendors & business partners during onboarding and prior to making changes to account details on record, for easy & secure verification

How it works

nsKnox verifies

the accuracy and authenticity of bank account details and ownership with a cyber-proof, technology-driven process before these details are entered into the nsKnox global data repository where they are stored, assuring the integrity of every certificate.

The Bank Account Certificate is issued

and encrypted using an advanced cryptography; and is also signed to ensure non-repudiation. The Certificate can then be verified through the nsKnox portal by any paying entity to assure account detail accuracy and authenticity before transferring a payment.

Alerts are sent

when the wrong details are used for verifying the bank account.

The benefits of next generation account validation

Financial loss prevented

by protecting incoming and outgoing payments, wiring instructions, and cashflow

Securing company reputation

by implementing a robust, technology-driven anti-fraud process

Protection of both paying and receiving entities

against social engineering and business email compromise attacks

Optimized collections

by eliminating reliance on error-prone manual processes

Trusted by leading global brands

Let’s talk to see if our solution meets your needs

It’s powerful and easy, with no effort from IT and no changes to current processes are required.