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Payment security
& compliance for banks and corporate clients

Global Account Validation to Banks Clients - 100% Coverage. Validating Any Account, Anywhere
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Banks and their corporate clients are at risk

Organizations are under a constant threat of losing millions of dollars to payment fraud and are looking to their bank for solutions. Banks themselves are at risk for failing to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.

In today’s world, fraudsters have become exceedingly adept at leveraging sophisticated technologies, such as deep fake AI, to hack an organization’s communications and business systems. They then execute fraudulent payments and compromise signatory rights. This is why banks cannot afford to rely solely on signatory rights when authorizing B2B payments.

How PaymentKnox™ for banks can help

PaymentKnox™ for Banks is a secured SaaS platform that applies three layers of robust protection that goes far beyond signatory rights.
It is a payment security service that protects both the corporate client and the bank by ensuring that every beneficiary paid by the bank is:

Legitimate and authorized

Validating that the target account in every payment is registered and approved to receive payments by your Corporate Client.

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The verified owner of the account

Verifying that the target recipient is the rightful account owner, anywhere in the world.

Is free from sanctions

Ensuring that target account owner doesn’t appear in global sanction lists.


Global Account Validation for Banks

The only solution that guarantees truly global bank account validation. Enter only validated accounts into your ERP system, ensuring entries are safe from external & internal fraud or human errors.

nsKnox’s proven & unique global bank account validation service combines advanced technology, rigorous validation techniques, and public and private database search. Proving its worth in validating hundreds of thousands of bank accounts worldwide, it can now help banks and its corporate clients validate their vendors’ bank accounts.

The global bank account validation by nsKnox can determine whether or not a bank account exists and if it belongs to the person or entity claiming to be the legitimate owner. The service provides the legitimate business entity, address, tax identification, and other parameters.

Threats answered by our global account validation and end-to-end payment security:

  • Fraudsters & cybercriminals attempt to divert client’s outgoing payment to fraudulent accounts, using social engineering or deep fake AI fraud tactics on client employees, or cyber attacks on client’s systems.
  • Insider fraud committed by a client employee.
  • Human error made by a client employee.

Global Account Validation and End-to-End Payment Security

Powerful benefits for banks & their corporate clients


For Banks:

Ensure payment security and compliance to keep both bank and clients from falling victim to fraud.

  • Minimize risk of embezzlement & lawsuits.
  • Generate new revenues from an advanced fraud protection service.
  • Differentiate your offering from new payment services.
  • Increase stickiness with high-value clients.

For banks clients:

  • Prevent payment fraud.
  • Avoid the vulnerabilities of manual processes.
  • Protect incoming and outgoing payments.
  • Increase efficiency with technology-driven account validation and sanction screening.
  • Improve controls and ensure compliance.

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