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Cooperative Cyber Security

For tamper-proof data protection
The Cooperative Cyber Security (CCS) platform underlies all of nsKnox’s products and services with a unique framework that guarantees the most powerful data protection available today

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The Power of Cooperative Cyber Security

Quantum Resistant Encryption

Absolute data protection is ensured by mathematically shredding sensitive data into many pieces that are rendered meaningless once shredded. Then, these pieces are scattered across multiple systems, networks, and organizations known as “Knoxers,” who cooperate on storing and protecting these shreds. 

A breach of any one Knoxer bears no impact on data security, as the hacker must get hold of all the pieces to gain access to the original data file.

Zero Knowledge, Maximum Privacy

Each shred, representing one small piece taken from a big data “puzzle,” is meaningless to the hosting Knoxer organization. This is because through the shredding process no one entity can ever “know” what data is contained in the original complete file, thus ensuring uncompromising data privacy.

No Access, No Manipulations

This also means that fraudsters cannot manipulate the data which is stored on the CCS platform, since they would have to access and modify all the shreds across every heavily-secured Knoxer simultaneously – which is virtually impossible, even for the most sophisticated cybercriminals.

Detect & Protect

If there is an attempt to modify any shred kept on the CCS platform, this modification will result in a mismatch between the tampered data and the original shred kept by the Knoxer, which CCS immediately detects, sending an alert to relevant stakeholders.

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