Incoming Payment Security

Automated & secure cyberfraud prevention

Leverage a technology-driven process to empower customers to validate your bank account details prior to making payments and prevent fraud

Incoming payments are at risk

Today’s cyberfraudsters are targeting payments more and more, with four out of five companies falling victim, according to the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP).

Even when processes and technology are implemented to protect the organization from social engineering, bad insiders, and cyberattacks, these do not cover incoming payments from customers.

And when the fraud attempt is successful the damage to cash flow and income is immediate and often at millions of dollars.

Meet your new ‘contact person’

Incoming Payments Protection from nsKnox addresses the challenge with an automated, reliable, and secure approach that enables paying customers to ensure they make payments to your valid accounts only.

The solution eliminates the vulnerabilities of manual processes by serving as the “contact person” that can automatically answer two critical questions – are the account details that my paying customers have on record the right ones? Will their payments make it to my account (vs. a fraudster’s)?

The quick & easy process

1. Register & validate your bank account information

2. Inform customers of the process when signing the commercial agreement and in the invoices that are sent

3. Customers verify your account details by searching the nsKnox secure database

4. nsKnox confirms whether the details are valid, and that the payment can be securely transferred

Solution benefits

Protect customers against fraud attempts on payments made to your account

Reduce liability from fraud perpetrated by insiders

Reduce risk of income lost to fraud

Enable customers to verify your account any time and in any language

Protect cashflow

See how you too can detect and prevent payment fraud in real time