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Accounts payable

Master Data Guard

protect & verify data for every vendor bank account

Protect vendor data at rest. Verify before payments are made.

With cybercriminals becoming more sophisticated in their ability to tamper with vendor-related payment information, it has never been more critical to ensure the integrity of master data. Master Data Guard from nsKnox enables organizations to benefit from an automated and secure process that verifies vendor and account information.

Current data is compared

with previous version to identify any changes

New data is validated

when company and/or account changes are identified

Alerts & reports are sent

to stakeholders, highlighting uncovered discrepancies

This way organization can be confident that payments are not being made to cybercriminals and only to the intended recipient, dramatically reducing the risk of fraud.

Stop any fraud attempt

Prevent cybercriminals
from attempting to attack
Stop bad insiders
who have access to IT and finance systems

How it works


Master data is sent for verification

flexible scheduling, can be prior to payment run or at regular intervals

Uncovering any change made to the master data

by searching for new accounts, new vendors, and updated account information

Reviewing the validation level

of any and every vendor in the master data

Validation process initiated

when supplier, account, or new information is identified as not yet validated

Get the power to protect

Verification flexibility

via integration with company systems for continual synch, or via nsKnox portal with proactive upload

Real-time visibility

review every vendor and their current and accurate account validation status, highlighting accounts that are not validated

Unlimited scale

validate tens of thousands of vendors in real-time

Unmatched accuracy

always know the real status of vendor account validation and reduce the number of unvalidated vendor bank accounts in the master data

Trusted by leading global brands

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It’s powerful and easy, with no effort from IT and no changes to current processes are required.