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Bank Account Certificate for Banks

A Secure and Verifiable Bank Letter that Provides Bullet-Proof Verification and Prevents Fraud

Banks and their corporate clients are at risk

Fraudsters have acquired proficiency in exploiting advanced technologies, including deepfake AI, to infiltrate an organization’s communication and business systems. This enables them to orchestrate fraudulent payment transactions.

of large organizations are hit by payment fraud [AFP]
10 %
lost to BEC fraud in last five years [FBI]
$ 10 Bn
can be lost in a single incident [American Banker]
>$ 10 M
Safe money

Traditional bank letters are simply not good enough

Traditional bank letters, typically distributed in hardcopy or as a PDF file, can be illegally altered or misused and are everything but secure, verifiable, and trackable. Knowing this, your corporate clients cannot rely on formal documentation provided by the bank when they onboard a new supplier or are asked to change an existing supplier’s bank account details.

They are forced to take manual measures such as initiating phone or video calls to the alleged supplier to confirm the details. This is very time-consuming and inefficient, and unfortunately, in the era of deepfake AI and phone spoofing, these measures are no longer secure, as fraudsters have found clever ways to bypass them. This is where the nsKnox Bank Account Certificate (BAC) comes in.

How nsKnox Bank Account Certificate can help

The nsKnox Bank Account Certificate (BAC) is a reliable, fraud-proof, and secure document that is based on patented technology and an approach to sharing and verifying banking details. It replaces outdated bank letters and voided checks with an encrypted, signed, verifiable, and trackable “account passport” that confirms bank account ownership. It’s the ‘Bank Letter - Reinvented’!

Why should you consider offering your corporate clients the Bank Account Certificate?

Alert sign

Prevent forgery and tampering with official bank letters issued by the bank.

money shield

Protect your clients from fraud and monetary losses.

online approval

Establish trust with your corporate clients and position yourself as an innovative and trustworthy partner.


Create new business opportunities.

Bank Account Certificate, The only true source of truth

The Bank Account Certificate by nsKnox introduces a reliable and fraud-proof approach to sharing and verifying banking information.

BAC replaces outdated bank letters with a secure and verifiable document that can confirm the ownership of bank accounts for any account, anywhere in the world. This will allow your corporate clients to safely share their banking details with business customers all over the world without the fear of fraud. The certificate holds all relevant information needed to receive or send payments.

Bank account certificate

Payment protection technology

With this technology–based approach, your corporate clients can securely share banking details and empower their business partners to easily and securely verify the correct and valid banking details prior to making any payment to them. This way, vulnerabilities are eliminated, and incoming payment protection is assured.

Powerful benefits for banks & their corporate clients


For Banks:

  • Ensure payment security and compliance to keep both bank and clients from falling victim to fraud.
  • Minimize risk of embezzlement & lawsuits.
  • Generate new revenues from an advanced fraud protection service.
  • Differentiate your offering from new payment services.
  • Increase stickiness with high-value clients.

For banks clients:

  • Prevent payment fraud.
  • Avoid the vulnerabilities of manual processes.
  • Protect incoming and outgoing payments.
  • Increase efficiency with technology-driven account validation and sanction screening.
  • Improve controls and ensure compliance.

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