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Accounts payable

Account Validation

Secure. Simple. Comprehensive.
empowers the finance organization to leverage a technology-driven process backed by trusted third-party data sources to validate any domestic or international bank account

Avoid Errors & Prevent Corporate Payment Fraud

Eliminate the vulnerabilities of manual processes
Eliminate reliance on emails, documents, and phone calls for bank account validation
Assure the integrity of payee account information

Powerful account validation in action

Robust & Comprehensive Validation

Benefit from a unique combination of advanced technologies, rigorous validation techniques, and public and private database searches to verify:

    Account related information

    • Whether the bank account actually exists
    • In what country it exists
    • Whether the account can be accessed by the owner
    • Whether it is free of liens and restrictions

    Payee related information

    • Whether the account owner is a legitimate business entity
    • What is the business ID
    • Whether the account holder’s name matches the intended payee
    • What is the account owner’s business address
    • What is the business establishment date

    Eliminate the Vulnerabilities of Manual Controls

    Error-Prone Manual Processes Eliminated

    with a robust technology driven approach

    Immediate Time to Value

    with no integration required for accessing the nsKnox portal or via easy integration with ERP system

    Easy to Use Interface

    with a user-friendly web-based interface or via ERP integration

    Domestic & International

    accounts verified with the same ease

    Accurate Validation

    based on reliable 3rd party data

    Seamless Validation Process

    One-time supplier registration
    to the nsKnox global supplier repository
    Technology-driven validation
    against nsKnox repository and trusted third-party data sources
    Account verification enabled
    data is validated through the nsKnox portal or API integration

    Trusted by leading global brands

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    It’s powerful and easy, with no effort from IT and no changes to current processes are required.