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The Overlooked Importance Of Securing Incoming Payments

New PYMNTS data shows that businesses’ accounts receivable operations have been
underfunded for fraud prevention; Compared to their accounts payable counterparts, the
investment deficit and lack of awareness has created a gap — and risk — that needs to
be closed.

Fortunately, more CFOs are facing the realities of AR fraud and prioritizing systems
investment that combats this at the data level, proving highly effective for those doing

“Given the obvious shortcomings of manual processes and the clear benefits of
advanced technological alternatives, companies are turning toward digital solutions in
droves. According to a PYMNTS survey, 85% of CFOs are currently investing or plan to
invest in digital solutions for fraud prevention and risk management,” per the study.

In this tracker you will read about:

  • Common forms of AR fraud, with an emphasis on internal fraud.
  • What is the average loss cost?
  • What are the steps and measures your company can take to ensure your incoming payments are being protected and secure?