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Prevent real estate wire fraud

stop cyberfraudsters from diverting closing payments to fraudulent accounts

Wire fraud targeting high-value real estate transactions is on the rise

Real estate fraud
expected to reach
$ 1 B
Attack rates are
increasing by
OVER 90 %
Number of homebuyers losing life savings every year at

But preventing such fraud is extremely difficult as these transactions involve multiple parties who communicate over digital channels that are extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks.

PaymentKnox™ brings powerful protection to the closing process

Prevent cyberattacks

designed to enable fraudsters to send deceptive payment instructions to your customers

Protect your customers

against being tricked into sending payments to fraudulent accounts

Avoid lawsuits

and business loss while protecting your firm’s reputation

Safely expand your network of protected payments

and business loss while protecting your firm’s reputation

How it works


Register your bank account/s

with a fast, easy, and fraud-proof self-service process

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Direct customers to verify

your bank account details on the PaymentKnox™ portal


Customers verify

your account information in just one click

The paymentKnox™ difference

Easy, self-service

transaction protection

Quick process

for protecting every wire transfer

Fraud resistant & reliable

with nsKnox’s Cooperative Cyber Security™ infrastructure

Trusted by leading global brands

Let’s talk to see if our solution meets your needs

It’s powerful and easy, with no effort from IT and no changes to current processes are required.