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End-to-end B2B payment fraud protection for Corporates and Banks

Mitigate the increasing risk of fraud with a technology-driven approach that assures payments are made to validated accounts only.
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Holistic payments protection

nsKnox’s PaymentKnox™ suite, an end-to-end payment protection solution, provides bulletproof security for financial transactions, protecting both the outgoing and incoming payments within your organization. It seamlessly replaces existing manual processes with an automated, highly secured approach tailored to eliminate fraud by providing deterministic and verifiable bank account validation and master data protection.

PaymentKnox™ provides two tailored solutions: PaymentKnox™ for AP and PaymentKnox™ for AR, specifically designed for corporate clients.
Our newest addition, PaymentKnox™ for Banks, is designed for banks and their corporate clients, ensuring comprehensive and reliable protection against fraudulent transactions.

PaymentKnox™ for Accounts Payable

a technology-driven approach that enables organizations to validate any account anywhere in the world and continuously verify that the master vendor data at rest is validated and authorized.

PaymentKnox™ for Accounts Receivable

enables your organization to register all incoming bank accounts and securely share them using the nsKnox fraud-proof Bank Account Certificate, which replaces outdated methods to confirm the ownership of an account.

PaymentKnox™ for Banks

a secured SaaS platform that applies three layers of robust protection that goes far beyond signatory rights while protecting the corporate client and the bank.

Trusted by leading global brands

Helping thousands of organizations worldwide prevent payments fraud

Avoid the damage

56 %
of companies with revenues
at > $1B were hit by payments fraud
$ 20 B
lost to payment
fraud in 2020
>$ 20 M
can be lost in
a single incident

Prevent every type of payment fraud

Social engineering

  • Business email compromise (BEC)
  • Email account take over
  • Deep fake AI


  • Credentials theft
  • ERP attacks
Deepfake AI Icon

Deepfake AI

  • Identity fraud
  • Social engineering scams
  • Information manipulation


  • Bypassing controls
  • Covering traces

Unparalleled protection

Prevent manipulation
through detection & alerting to discrepancies in data and transactions

Eliminate manual process errors
with an automated approach to payments protection

Avoid damage to finances
caused by fraud against accounts payable and accounts receivable

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