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Collecting and Validating Vendor Banking Details to Avoid Fraud

20 Tips in 20 Minutes
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As the threat landscape continues to evolve with increasing business email compromise and the expansion of synthetic reality fraud into the realm of B2B vendors, your organization is squarely in the crosshairs of fraudsters, but fear not, for we hold the key to safeguarding your financial integrity.

If you’re still relying on regular email platforms like Outlook or Gmail to collect vital vendor documentation, it’s high time you recognized the critical importance of safeguarding your collection and validation processes.

Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking webinar, where you will learn valuable insights that can transform your approach to fraud prevention:
🔐 Three Essential Tips for Secure Email-Based Data Collection
🤝 Four Expert Strategies to Authenticate Vendor Identities
🏦 Four Precision Techniques to Verify Vendor Bank Branch Details
💼 Three Crucial Steps to Confirm Bank Account Ownership
🔒 Three Security Measures to Validate Stored Banking Information
💰 Two Key Checks to Ensure Authenticity Before Initiating Payments

But that’s not all! You’ll also delve into the cutting-edge world of PaymentKnox™ for AP, our revolutionary automated B2B payments fraud solution. You’ll discover how this powerful tool can automate bank account validation, strengthening your financial defenses against fraudsters.

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