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Secure Your Finances: Join Our Webinar on Combatting Deepfake Fraud

In an era where artificial intelligence can mirror reality, are you equipped to tackle the emerging threat of deepfakes in the B2B landscape?

With deep fake technologies becoming an accessible tool to fraudsters, protecting your organization has never been more critical.

Download here to watch the recording of our insightful webinar featuring Debra R. Richardson and our President & COO, Nithai Barzam.
This session will empower you with expert insights and strategies for safeguarding your organization against AI-generated deceptions using proactive solutions.

What You’ll Discover:

  • Recognize the Threat: Learn how cybercriminals exploit deepfake technology to manipulate business communications and redirect payments
  • Spot the Signs: Identify the telltale signs of deepfake images, audio, and video
  • 5-Step Defense Strategy: Equip yourself with a robust plan to shield your business from email compromise
  • The Role of Automation: Understand why leveraging automated tools is essential in securing B2B payments