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PaymentKnox for AR

Protect your incoming payments & cashflow

Today’s cybercriminals are targeting B2B payments more than ever, and the risk of financial loss has never been greater.
Your customers and business partners may also fall victim to payment fraud and unwittingly transfer funds intended for you to fraudulent accounts instead. But why worry? After all, it’s the responsibility of the payer to make sure the payment gets to you, right?
Well, it’s not that simple. When a fraudster is able to manipulate payments intended for you – even if this action took place outside of your organization – the damage to your cash flow and income is immediate and often amounts to millions of dollars.

Bank Account Certificates (BAC) from nsKnox introduce a reliable and fraud-proof approach to sharing and verifying banking details.

The BAC replaces outdated bank letters and void checks with a secure and verifiable document that can confirm the ownership of bank accounts for any account, anywhere in the world.

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