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Incoming Payments Fraud Poses ‘Silent Threat’ to Bottom Lines

The first step in battling incoming payments fraud “is to realize that it’s not just some
abstract threat. It can happen to any company,” Ansys Corporate Controller Bob Bonacci
told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster in a recent panel discussion, with nsKnox’s COO Nithai

First thing’s first. Payments fraud runs both ways: Every scheme designed to trick
companies into sending outgoing payments to someone who isn’t who they say they are
is someone else’s incoming payments fraud problem, which makes accounts receivable
teams especially vulnerable to payment fraud.
In this panel discussion you’ll be hearing all about:

  • The dangers of incoming payments fraud.
  • Why leading companies like Ansys take extra measures to protect their incoming
    payments processes and what these processes look like.
  • Find out where nsKnox comes in, providing your company a solution to help
    securely validate and verify the payment process, whether outgoing or incoming
    and reassuring your payments are transferred to the correct beneficiary.

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