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Insights on Complying with SEC Accounting Controls

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The SEC Has Affirmed: Organization Must Act!

Among the most prevalent types of cyberfraud is Business Email Compromises (BEC), considered by the FBI to be the source of the highest estimated out-of-pocket losses from any class of cyberfacilitated crime.

In fact, in October 2018, following its investigation of companies who fell victim to BEC, the SEC issued a report stating unequivocally that companies need to consider the damaging implications of cyber threats when designing and implementing internal accounting controls.

In this ebook you will learn about:

  • The implications posed by BEC for organizations worldwide
  • The most prevalent attack vectors and methods of cyber-criminals
  • Key steps for mitigating BEC risk, preventing attacks, and aligning with SEC guidelines

Download it now to learn how you can boost your security posture.