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Best Practices in Vendor Bank Account Validation and Sanction Screening

If you are involved in your company’s Procure to Pay (P2P) processes – This webinar is
for you!

This webinar introduces best practices and tools to automate sanction screening and
banking details validation, and is designed to help organizations manage sanctions risk,
avoid penalties & prevent B2B payment fraud.

Professionals working in Finance, Accounting and Purchasing will learn practical ways
to avoid paying fraudulent accounts and vendors that are sanctioned.

The webinar showcases a combined approach to validating ownership for both
domestic and international bank accounts, while screening the true owner against global
sanction lists.

You will leave this webinar with strategic actions that you can implement in your
organization and learn:

  • Why compliance with sanction screening is more important now than ever
  • Internal controls / best practices that vendor teams can easily put into place
  • How the PaymentKnox solution can automate sanction screening on top of
    domestic and international bank account validation, to prevent cyber fraud
    attempts in real-time