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Accelerating Strategic Change in Preventing Payment Fraud

When it comes to payments fraud, it’s not a matter of if but when. Social engineering, cyber-attacks, and inside jobs cost companies of all shapes and sizes up to 2% of their revenue annually. It takes just one successful attempt to cost a corporation millions – a lesson too many organizations have learned the hard way.

Tune in to our webinar to hear nsKnox COO and payments expert Nithai Barzam explain why payment frauds succeed and why a multi-layer problem requires a multi-layer solution. We cover how to ensure your company’s payments infrastructure is sound and how to implement appropriate processes and controls.

More importantly, we will explain why that’s not enough.

Knowing rather than trusting everything’s OK requires holistic protection of both incoming and outgoing payments that leaves nothing to chance. The webinar will break down the imperative for secure and automated data validation on three levels:

  • Bank account validation
  • Master data protection
  • Payment transaction verification in real-time