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Protect investment transactions

stop cybercriminals from diverting fund transfers to fraudulent accounts

Fraudsters are targeting high value fund transfers more than ever

It has been reported that four out of five organizations have fallen victim to social engineering or the attacks of bad insiders and cybercriminals.

Preventing fraud against high-value investment transactions is extremely difficult:

  • They involve multiple business partners in the investment network, including limited partners (LPs) and portfolio companies.
  • These partners are geographically dispersed.
  • Fraudsters target these transactions by using a variety of sophisticated techniques.

Moreover, payment data validation is typically performed manually, often by verifying details that are transferred over digital channels which are extremely vulnerable to cyberattack.

PaymentKnox™ delivers reliable investment transaction security

Empowers LPs & portfolio companies

to protect transfers against fraud

Reduces liability from fraud

perpetrated by insiders and cybercriminals

Validates account ownership

anywhere, any time and in any language

Protect transfers within your network

Validate the bank account details
for any member of the investment network before making transfers
Inform customers
of the process when signing the commercial agreement and in the invoices that are sent
Customers verify your account details
searching the secured nsKnox database
nsKnox confirms
whether the details are valid, and that the payment can be securely transferred

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