80% of Companies Will Suffer Payments Fraud Attacks in 2019

Learn how to protect your organization against damaging financial losses.

Corporate Payments Fraud is at an All-Time High

According to a survey conducted by the Association for Financial Professionals and underwritten by J.P. Morgan in 2018:

of companies were the target of corporate payments fraud
0 %
of companies suffered from business email fraud
0 %
of annual revenues is the average loss to payments fraud
0 %

Traditional Controls Are Not Enough

Existing controls and proactive measures are inadequate to manage threats in the digital age

Criminals exploit the naive trust of employees, deceiving them into unsuspectingly aiding in bypassing payment controls

The SEC states that companies must consider cyber-threats when implemeting internal accounting controls

Protect Every Type of Corporate Payments Fraud

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Centralized/independent controls that protect payment processes

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Real-time verification at each step of the transaction journey

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The eradication of single points of failure in the transaction journey

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