New Industry Resource on Corporate Payments Fraud

  • First of its kind resource against corporate payments fraud
  • In-depth analysis of corporate payments fraud attack vectors
  • What financial leaders can do about the threat

What You Will Find in this Resource

  • How to combat the nearly 80% chance your company will be the target of corporate payments fraud this year
  • How 9 companies lost nearly $100 million
  • The average loss to corporate payments fraud is 0.5% of annual revenues
  • What the SEC says about sufficient accounting controls against cyber crime
  • How employees can be manipulated to bypass traditional accounting controls

Learn how to protect your organization against corporate payments fraud

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Why Traditional Controls are Failing

Existing controls and proactive measures are inadequate to manage threats in the digital age

Criminals exploit the naive trust of employees, deceiving them into unsuspectingly aiding in bypassing payment controls

The SEC states that companies must consider cyber-threats when implemeting internal accounting controls

This Resource Brought To You By nsKnox

Founded by Alon Cohen, the Founder, former Chairman & CEO of CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR)
nsKnox’s team of seasoned innovators create new concepts and ground-breaking technology
to confront all manner of financial fraud and effectively safeguard corporate financial payment
systems against all forms of attacks.

Alon Cohen

Alon Cohen

Founder, Chairman & CEO

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