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A Close Look at Payment Fraud to Guide Your Security Efforts

Payment fraud cases 1600x500 9.8.2020

Google lost $100M, Toyota lost $37M, Nikkei lost $29M. Even the world’s most powerful corporations often fall victim to payment fraud. Find out what they were doing wrong, why even their best security efforts didn’t keep them safe from hackers, and how you can improve your security measures so it won’t happen to you.

You’ll learn why:

  • Cyber-threats continue to escalate and can strike at any time to every type of business.
  • Cyber-crime persists despite organizations’ stepped-up investments, enhanced processes, and increased employee training.
  • The key to combating cyber fraud is an entirely new security paradigm.

Download the paper to read about some of the largest payment frauds in recent years and learn how to increase your payment protection to keep your business safe.