Secure Payments
from KPMG & nsKnox

verify suppliers & prevent payment fraud

Designed by KPMG and powered by nsKnox, Secure Payments delivers as a holistic managed service that combines advanced supplier and account verification capabilities, robust payment data protection, and a unique global payee repository

Supplier payments fraud: a rising epidemic

With organizations worldwide often handling thousands of supplier payments every month, it has become too easy for cybercriminals to exploit the many vulnerabilities that exist in the payment process.

The Cause
  • Limited visibility & control
  • Insufficient supplier management
  • Insecure payment process
The Damage
  • 87% of companies with over $1B in revenue were affected in 2019
  • The average loss is at $63K
  • Thefts can reach $1M

The answer: smart and safe processes

In order to prevent fraud, the entire supplier verification and payment process needs to be streamlined and controlled, with:


verification of suppliers and payment information change requests


with every step of the 

payment process 

thoroughly verified  


risk and policy checks

KPMG & nsKnox

introduce robust supplier & payment verification

A global payee repository

of verified suppliers from around the world that is stored in the cloud, encrypted, and split into multiple secure servers

Payment verification

for ensuring that payment requests are legitimate and intended for verified accounts

Payment data protection

through advanced encryption and repeated verification at every step of processing 

"Know your supplier"

service for extensive verification with additional and advanced checks and controls

Risk and policy checks

where only designated personnel can receive alerts when fraud is detected, or based on policy rules


See how you too can detect and prevent payment fraud in real time