Global Payee Database™

Verify supplier bank account details
before making payments

Easily validate

supplier account details

Continuously verify

before any payment is made

Stop cyberfraudsters

from manipulating bank
account details

Continuously verify

before any payment is made

Prevent damage & losses

related to payments fraud


The Global Payee Database™ is a search-enabled directory that contains the details of suppliers from around the world.


Through this directory, organizations can easily validate and continually verify supplier details before they make payments.

Bypass Security Vulnerabilities

The service entails a highly secured process that eliminates the need for manual account validation, bypassing traditional security vulnerabilities.

Data is secured by nsKnox’s unique Cooperative Cyber Security™ platform for tamper-proof data protection.

Gain confidence

in supplier and account details

Account Validation

digital, highly secured process that delivers confidence in supplier account information

Account Validation

for additional validation of full supplier legal entity information


enhanced validation with insights on how many businesses have been engaged with the account and how many payments have been made

See how you too can detect and prevent payment fraud in real time